I support public district education. A free public education to everyone until college is the hallmark of American society. We cannot continue down the current path in Arizona where our lawmakers are decimating our educational system. We must increase funding for teacher’s salaries, increasing their pay to compensate them fairly for the work they do and their level of education. All teachers deserve a raise to a reasonable wage of at least $50,000 per year. We lose too many teachers each year due to poor pay. We must insist all teachers in public schools carry certification and not allow non-certified teachers to teach. We must demand excellence in Arizona and in turn, we will have an excellent society. Repairs must be a priority for all schools, buses and the system infrastructure. Our children must learn in safe, clean and well kept buildings that are in good working order. We must update technology in the classrooms to prepare our children for the world of tomorrow and must spare no expense to make education in Arizona priority number one! We must support and attract businesses to our area and for that, we need a well educated workforce. We must halt the voucher expansion program which takes tax dollars away from schools and only benefits affluent families. We must find ways to increase school funding, salaries and support our community colleges and universities of higher learning. We should remember that higher education in Arizona should be “as nearly free as possible”. We must keep this pledge. A society that puts the highest priority on education thrives and grows. We will find the funding. Private education is a viable choice for some but parochial schools must not be supported by tax dollars. We will find funding by reviewing and considering different options and make education a priority again for our students in Arizona.